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Hi EA and Mary Jo

I added your edits into the document. Thanks for all your hard work!

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  I have just added a few more track changes to Mary's version so as not to cause confusion with the main document.   
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 I just looked at the version of the document from the link below, and have some comments - see attached file. Since this is a draft, I don't see any of these comments as being show stoppers to sending it out as a first working draft as they are editorial in nature.
 (See attached file: Roadmap and Gap Analysis for The Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force-mjm.docx)
 One important question though. After seeing the comments from John Rochford and Mike Pluke about the names of the cognitive task force members included in the document confused me, as the master version in your link below only has a placeholder for the names - not the list. So is the link below really the version of the document I should have been looking at? 
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 "lisa.seeman" ---02/09/2016 08:42:29 AM---Kurt you are looking at an old version on an old branch please review
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 Kurt you are looking at an old version on an old branch
 please review
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 Section in the Gap Analysis doc ( is under the wrong heading and may not be needed. 
 The heading for section 6.2 is "Aphasia Due to Brain Injury".
 The heading for section 6.3 is "Non-Vocal". 
 The heading for section is "How Symptoms Result in Challenges for People with Aphasia". 
 Section should be numbered Noting that it has no content, it could just be removed. 
 Kurt Mattes
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