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Looks good -  I will add it to the table

Thanks Kurt!

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The Success Criteria I am working on is in the pending status. I would like to propose new wording for improved clarity.

Current wording
The success or failure of every action should be clearly indicated to the user and visual rapid feedback should be available. Spoken feedback should be a user selectable option.

Proposed wordingThe success or failure of every user initiated action is clearly indicated to the user by visual, programmatically determinable, rapid feedback. Audio feedback should be a user selectable option.

Notes:  "user initiated" was added to avoid including events like a pop-under window successfully or unsuccessfully opening or a non-UI impacting script to run or an embedded third party add from loading. I am not certain my proposed wording is the right way to go about addressing the 'feedback following an action the user took' intent of this success criteria. If the Task Force intends to have this Success Criteria include system initiated events, then "user initiated" is not needed. 

Replaced first "should be" in first sentence with "is" to make the statement definitive and testable. Removed "should be available" at the end of the sentence for the same reason.

"programmatically determinable" added to clarify the need for feedback to be exposed to assistive technologies. 

"audio" for "spoken" since a tone or chime would provide the necessary feedback 

"spoken feedback" is a defined term and would need to change to "audio feedback", I have not considered the potential need for rewording the definition due to this change.

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We recommend it gets moved from AAA to AA, with the new testable wording

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   Thank you so much Lisa, but now I am wondering what one does if part of the Success Criteria for say chunking are found in a AAA criteria and with the new wording it appears to be AA?  (Readable 3.1.5)  
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  Hi Folks
  I have been working on rewording success criteria, with a lot of help so far from Mary Jo, Rich and my college Sharon Snider at IBM
  I think some of them are done, so take a look if your success criteria as new proposed wording, and also please comment on any proposed new wording,
  ONLY look at ones marked done or done-ish. (I might still change the ones marked done-ish but I think only slightly)
  Do not comment on the formatting. I know it needs work, and will get to it in the end - but it is too complex to maintain it in drafts as people use different tools. 

  FYI I am weighting for new wording from Katie, Mike and Steve
  All the best
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