Re: volenteer for success cryteria

Thanks for the clarification.
The proposal is at

you should be able to find them by looking for the bullet points of the
original success cryteria

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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Good Morning,

Just so I am 100% clear before I start can you send a link and a callout to
the two SC criteria this has been broken into. It is probably clear if I
look but just want 100% clarity before I start the work this weekend

Thanks! Did you see the new proposal? It has been broken up into two
criteria. Is that still ok?

All the best

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I will sign up for:

Support is provided that help users complete and check their task, that
includes: Note - will be broken up

I will log into the system to official take onto the task in a bit.

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Hi Folks

Please can you volunteer for putting success criteria into the WCAG
template by signing up here:

Writing up according to the template:

(also attached as html page - if you need it in MS word let me know)

I made a sample at :
personalization.html (note this does not follow the template right now but
has all the content - I will try to update it to the new template soon)

It is worth looking at wcag 2.O such as
UNDERSTANDING-WCAG20/text-equiv-all.html to see the kind of wording used in

Comply with:

Also, realy realy important , is we want to get these passed, to do this we
realy want to:

   - show the benefits including any evidence and
   - show test-ability
   - make it clear

you can see an example of a general test procedure here:

Some thing we might want to clarify s that people with cognitive
disabilities include many types of disabilities such as
people with

   - Language related disabilities
   - Memory related disabilities
   - Focus and attention related disabilities
   - Executive and decision making disabilities

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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