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Fwd: Summary of Changes in Distraction Paper

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Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 13:08:55 -0400
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Changes under 'Challenges for People with Cognitive Disabilities - Source of Distraction'

There used to be only one item for Source of Distraction, which is Overlays. 

Moved the following (formatting issue) Autoplaying, Social Media Sidebars, Adwords, Sponsored Content, App Install and Blinking Test used to be bullet points under Overlays. Now they become items for Source of Distraction since they are different from Overlays. 

Sponsored Content used to be under Adwords. Now it is a separate item under the source of distraction: Sponsored content Advertising content that is not distinguishable from primary content of page. Advertising content of similar topic injected into page may create understandability issues if not able to be removed (through closing) or in a clear and distinct color or ability to remove. Distinct information making content understandable as sponsored may not be present above the fold and therefore sponsored content keys/footnote may not be memorable if not present on page.

Item External Distractions is added under the source of distraction: External distractions. Userbased or environmental issues can cause distraction or broken attention combined. Compensatory tools

Changes under 'Challenges for People with Cognitive Disabilities - Summary'

If a user is consuming content and their attention is drawn away this may impact their ability to consume the primary content or complete an interaction (process). If a user is carrying out a  complete multistep action (such as form filling) being distracted may cause the user to lose context, thread or position in the action or sequence of actions.

Changes under 'Effect of memory impairment'

This may cause the user to need to re-read content repeatedly, return to a previous page, or restart a sequence such as form filling. This will cause the user need additional time to take longer than normal to complete an action which may cause additional time out issues.


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