Re: [Architecture] News from TPAC

WAPA is another interesting initiative to address this issue, it
builds on the Mozilla work Joseph highlighted and others (HT Leonie
Watson). Apparently it can be tried in MS Edge

This Script Based Web Accessibility API allows more direct
communication between web applications and platform accessibility
APIs. It includes three pieces

* A way for web authors to provide ARIA name-value pairs (properties)
to platform accessibility APIs from script, without requiring an
element with those aria properties in the Document object.
* A way for web authors to react in script to method calls from
platform accessibility APIs (actions)
* A mechanism for handling accessibility information for virtualized
content, where the DOM contains only a subset of the actual dataset or

It seems this space is heating up and I think will be useful for the GPII.

Steve Lee

On 28 October 2015 at 17:42, Steve Lee <> wrote:
> This note from Joseph points out some interesting cross browser a11y
> work from Mozilla. I think this should make a simpler API as the a11y
> tree is simpler than the DOM tree. I'm not sure how much modification
> could be done through it; the platform a11y APIs have fairly limited
> capabilities. Perhaps this could be useful for cognative adaptations
> (gcga screen reader)
> Steve Lee
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> All,
> W3C is holding face-to-face meetings in Japan this week (TPAC).  One
> of the things presented and discussed within the ARIA group is
> Mozilla's proposal for a script-based accessibility API for browsers.
> I knew that Mozilla was working on this, but it looks like it has
> progressed a bit.  FYI, here is a link to the documentation:
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