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The time that we held the Friday meeting suits my current remote (1hrs drive from home) childminding lifestyle much better than the time we hold our Monday meetings. Participating in the meeting from my daughter’s tiny home whilst childminding is not feasible!

The time when my wife and I are able to leave my daughters house (1hr drive away) is right in the middle of the conventional timing of our Monday meetings. This means that, by making a special trip home to participate in the meeting, I will be at least 1 ½ hours late collecting my wife and in arriving back home (long after we normally want to eat). My only alternative is to ask my daughter or son-in-law to drive my wife back home (she does not drive). I cannot ask them to do this every week.

The only timing that would be in any way convenient for me would be if the meeting was at least two hours earlier than our normal Monday time. The day of the week is not so important to me.

Irrespective of when the meeting is timed, I will try to make myself available as often as possible (one way or another).

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Subject: do we want to find a new time

Do you think we should make a new poll for what time to have our calls? Are people finding it difficult to get too?

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