actions for voice systems

I had a few actions regarding cognitive accessibility for voice systems. 

1. review and gap analyze on voice systems. The easiest way to do this was to revise the existing issue paper ( My revision is attached. We can discuss this at some convenient time. 

2. I think this is the same as 109)

3. ( I think this one is a duplicate of 136)

4. This was to summarize current best practices in voice user interface design. After thinking about this, I think a better strategy would be to just refer to some of the existing references for now, because the literature on voice user interface design is very large and dynamic. I’ve included those references in the revised issue paper.

I think we can close these actions now.



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I’ve been reviewing the wiki at for applicability to people with cognitive disabilities. I haven’t finished reviewing it, but I thought I would pass along my findings so far. Much of the wiki is applicable to people with cognitive disabilities. One gap that doesn’t seem to be touched on much in that wiki is authentication, which might be an issue with some of these users.


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I had an action ( to review the issue paper on voice systems ( I think the “Challenges” section is good, but for “Proposed Solutions” we should refer to the many existing resources on voice user interface design rather than try to come up with our own list. Voice user interface design is a well-established field which has developed many best practices over the years (for example is a good general resource for best practices, quite a few of which are supported with research). While it’s oriented toward the general population of callers rather than toward people with cognitive disabilities, most of the points are valid for both kinds of users. We could either point to this document (which might not be practical because it’s rather lengthy) or try to distill it down to a list of key points and then refer readers to the full document for more information. 


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Please can I have an update on everyone actions on reviews for the gap analysis? 

We are almost at our first deadline.


All the best 


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