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Hi Janina

Really good to hear of so much co-ordinated activity around this approach. I hope it all progresses well.

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Hi, Mike:

Michael Pluke writes:
> While reading eQuality (by Peter Blanck) I came across a reference to "Diagrammar: A Framework for Making Images and Graphics Accessible" (actually to its immediate predecessor):
> I expect that several of you may already be familiar with this, but it was something new to me - and it seemed to fit well with many of the issues we have been addressing. For example, the framework already allows for multiple forms of both the image and of the associated descriptive text (i.e. you can have simplified versions of both of these).

Indeed. Some of us have been looking at Diagrammar recently both from the Dpub and accessible graphics perspectives:

Has informed work on the ARIA-Dpub module

And also the work on making direct graphical access possible:

> Such a framework seems to be just what is needed to allow a personalization mechanism to deliver the appropriate levels of content to meet the cognitive abilities of the individual user.

Yes, and the work to support personalization is now assigned to the newly chartered ARIA WG:

This is continuation of work begun in the now defunct Indie-UI:



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