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Jamie Knights presentation

From: Steve Lee <steve@opendirective.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 15:28:35 -0800
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Here are some bullet points from Jamie's prezzo. I missed the beginning and
they are sketchy but Jamie was interested to presenting to us at the F2F.

I'll email Gareth Ford Williams (Jamie's boss) to ask - or perhaps Neil
could (i mentioned you to Jamie)?

Jamie Night

Affordances are important (as we recently discussed on this list)

Uses Screen reader to make some tasks easier- slows it down

Zoom to reduce visual overload

Reduce complexity - single column, eg reader


Perceptions -


   1. Make as affordiances as obvious as possible
   2. Use language, avoid idioms, literal terms and don't assume spatial
   3. Make it easy to identify the most important thing.




   1. Provide filtering tools eg via visual groups - uses find
   2. Limit decisions - consequences - eg many ticket choices to choose from
   3. Make it undo easy




   1. Avoid nesting if possible, make the plan easy
   2. Provide feedback on processes, eg how far to go how much read
   3. Inline help when whenever possible.

Steve Lee
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