RE: [Geofencing API] Request for use cases

Hiya Michael,

>From an autism perspective, this feature could be extremely powerful. Thanks for working on it.

I think from a cognitive point of view i could see the following considerations:

- Complex Concept - some efforts to standardise the way concept is explained, perhaps with some work done to work on some example explanations which consider a range of ability. (also relevant to younger users)

- Consistent symbols and Labelling - effort to provide standardised symbols and labeling for terms used in relation to this API. Eg, "Enter" "Exit", "Leave", "Cross" etc.

Use cases around autism:

- Prompting and Reminders - using geofencing to surface prompts and routines (eg, bring up the "doing a shop" routine outside the supermarket, bring up the "going to the hairdresser" routine / guidance outside the hairdressers)

- Safet Zones - Alert the user when they are outside of an established "safe" zone. With the correct privacy controls, alert other when a user moves outside of a Safe zone. 

- Dynamic Safe Zone - establish rules such as "never more than a mile from someone who can help" and then use overlapping geofence to establish a "safe" zone. Then use moving geofences updated every minute to establish if the user is within the dynamic safe zone. These would also be an effective way of knowing who to contact for help. Establishing who is "closest" in a battery efficient manner. 

- Notification of arrival / departing - let the support team know when i arrive at the office, or when i leave.

Some of these will also overlap with other impairments. 


Jamie + Lion

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Subject: [Geofencing API] Request for use cases

The Protocols and Formats Working Group looked at the First Public
Working Draft of Geofencing API The
group thinks there may be interesting accessibility relationships but
needs to better understand the use cases behind this API. We request
that an upcoming draft include a section on use cases, which will allow
us to better target feedback.

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