action types of symbols and language support and help settings draft 1

Different potential types of symbols and language support For help text and key content

As a first step I am trying to determine different use cases and potential settings

Types of Language support
1. Restricted vocabulary
Language may be restricted to a given vocabulary, or sub set of that vocabulary. When words are outside the known language an  explanation should be provided using known words.

Further, specific jargons  can be added if they are known to the user

For example:

Restricted vocabulary such as Globish
Restricted such as Globish 100 most common words
Restricted such as Globish 500 most common words + Easy Web Jargon lexicon

2. Usage

Literal language only
Present tense only 
Number free
Pronoun free
Small chunks (short sentences, paragraphs etc)

3. Graphical support

-Symbols as support 
-Realistic pictures as support
-Either pictures or symbols as support

4. Types of symbols and pictures
-Use a given symbol/picture set as preference (can include use my families or personal symbols/pictures were ever possible)
-Use a given symbol/picture set strong preference
-Hide content without symbol/picture support

5. Frequency of symbols/pictures
-Use support symbols/pictures as much as possible
-Use support symbols/pictures moderately (One per sentence)
-Use support symbols/pictures some (One per paragraph)

6. Help
I want tooltips
I want side panel
I want side panel that can be opened when I click on my help icon
I want links to "more information" when ever possible
I want definitions in the side panel
I want link to human  help whenever possible

All the best

Lisa Seeman

Athena ICT Accessibility Projects
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