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Yup, good piotn
Neilson also mentions in his report about senoirs that they often type in the url as the way to get to a site. Making the url easy to write is definitely a help

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Hi All, 
 I've had a thought (which is a dangerous thing) - it may be outside 
our remit but - are there any guidelines with respect to the actual 
URL form? I know there are of course technical specs/standards for 
URLs/URIs but should there be some sort of guidance for accessibility? 
I've been looking at SEO guidelines as a part of my day to day and 
there are some great ideas in there - including keywords, not using 
nonsensical URLs with strings of numbers etc. On considering the 
difficulties for those with memory issues, letter transposition issues 
etc etc it would make sense that any URL should really be as 
"friendly" as possible. Reading a URL from a letter, or poster, or 
advert or whatever should really be as easy as possible. 
I'm not just talking about URLs with GUIDs or random numbers in there 
- just look at this, a site for older people to access legal services 
in Scotland: 
This uses words that you can read, but look at the target audience and 
the length of that URL never mind the confusing spelling. It's awful. 
Perhaps I'm venting a little at something that's already covered 
somewhere else? 
Thanks, Tony 
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