Re: Adding context to the aria-function attribute


I have a modified proposal

we have four attributes that relate to the context (In place of aria-function)

 Aria-action - that identifies the action of a button (when it is beyond submit - such as a next action)
Aria-destination - the destination of a link such as the contact us page
Aria-field - the context  of a form control such as the users address
Aria-region - the context  of page or region of a page such as a contact us form 


>From a personlisation perspective each attribute might need to be treated differently. For example a contact us region may come with help to fill in a form, and a contact us link may come with a tool tip that seas "contact up page".
 But if we overload the attribute by just having one or two attributes then the user agent will not know how to handle them. We can not assume all links are using a link element or the correct link role. Sometimes they are a scripted span or a table cell with an embeded link - there are just too many ways for the author to get it wrong

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I support option 2 over option 1 as it is easier for authors. 
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> 2. Have the personalisation triggered only under the contexts we want to, by using tag names and roles. 
> For example the aria-function="contact us" will trigger if in a link or if the role is either a link or navigation. 

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