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Yay, glad thats helpfull. I will be on the call later, but i may or may not have speech, so i may not be able to contribute verbally. I will have AAC with me so i can use that if needed or i can write my responses in the chat room?

Hopefully i will have speech :D I'm going to take a long break before the call to maximise chances.


Jamie + Lion
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Hi Jamie
Your feedback is very good and appropriate. We will hopefully discuss it on the call today. Always feel free to give feedback.

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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This is a really interesting idea, i'm not sure if this is the right place to provide feedback though? So if i have put it into the wrong place please let me know.

First feedback on the idea:

- I don't think authors are going to like it. - it reduces control and will be seen as an additional testing burden. Even at the BBC we have out work cut out sometimes explaining to new hires about things like windows high contrast mode and user stylesheets.

- It's going to be very hard to provide CSS isolation - it may be impossible to find a single style which will work everywhere for the script to apply. Or the algorithm used to determine which styles to apply can get very complex. This is a big issue on large websites when only considering their own styles (we had many isolation related issues with the BBC header and footer!) across sites this could be even harder.

Next feedback on the specifics of the wiki page:

- "The page designer [snip] override skins" if we do provide a mechanism, like user styles it should be at the top of the cascade and author styles should not be able to overright them. This is a harder political sell, but makes the system far easier to implement and more robust.

- JSON Scheme - i think it might be good to start with a glossary of the terms, at the BBC we practiced something called documentation driven development [1] where rather than starting with code / schemas etc we started by writing the end user documentation for what we had been thinking. I would suggest this approach for this work, perhaps spending some time working on the glossary of terms and some hypothetical user documentation might help to refine what the scheme requires.

I full appreciate i am an outsider coming into this, so perhaps this is the wrong place or not the right way to say if, is so let me know :D


Jamie + Lion


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I started working on the specification for the Json Script


All the best

Lisa Seeman

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