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We have complete consensuses that we will not be basing any recommendations on medical diagnosis and labels. This is preliminary work that serves as an introduction to what we are doing - starting with familiar terms etc. .

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I read these carefully worked on wiki pages and keep wondering if we 
really need to go into medical details. I found no needs for people 
with Down Syndrome that were not likely to occur for other people. A 
number of the problems are physical and covered in the general run of 
things about accessibility, and I think the cognitive needs should be 
taken out and listed as potential needs of people - regardless of 
which medical condition has led to them. 
This is not to say it's not useful to work, as we are, from medical 
conditions to the list of needs because I think that is a good way to 
get them all. But I repeat, that once that has been done, I'd like to 
see all references to medical classifications removed - and I would 
like to see use cases that do not 'target' particular medical 
I will not join the teleconf at 2.00 am tonight - it is about to be 
very cold and I am lazy :-( 
I am aware that others have far more to contend with and my heart goes 
out to you and them. 
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> Hi Folks 
> If you can take a look at the Down Syndrome section and see if you 
> have any comments. 
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