Autism sub team

Hi Mark, Elle, Katherine and John

John Rochford, has offered to join the Autism sub team. We realy want to see some of the template on the wiki on Autism fill out in the next two weeks. The link to your page /template on the wiki is 

Mark is a W3C person and will have no problem putting things up on the wiki. 

Katherine, I know you have very litle time, but do you have links to good resources you could give the others so that they can summaries it and put it up? I think you also did a lit review. Could you send it to the cognitive task force ( 
BTW I would also love to see any other literary reviews that you did - feel free to send them too!

I found that once I had writien up the challenges with ICT writing the user stories kind of flowed from there.
Feel free to look at my unfinished draft of the dyslexia research to see what should be in each section. (

All the best

Lisa Seeman

Athena ICT Accessibility Projects 
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