Re: Request for website links embedment


We're quite happy for you to link to whatever pages you wish: as a general
rule, permission isn't actually needed


> We are the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer which is
> setup under the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
> (HKSAR). We are establishing a website called InfoCloud, which is an
> one-stop portal for the general public and enterprises (especially the
> small and medium-sized enterprises) to effectively access information and
> resources on cloud computing technologies including measures and best
> practices for achieving the desired benefits in adopting the cloud
> computing model.  We have visited your website (
> and find that the information is very
> useful to our visitors.  As such, we would like to embed some links into
> our webpages, which point to various contents of your  websites, including
> main page, content page and documents.  If you do not agree to the
> arrangement, or have any other comments, please kindly inform us.  We
> shall assume you have no objection if we do not hear from you on or before
> 26 November 2012.

Received on Wednesday, 21 November 2012 20:29:06 UTC