Re: PF group comments on WICD and CDR last call working drafts

I believe that the remarks below are superceded by the message from Chris,
to which I have responded just now.


At 4:37 PM +0100 25 01 2007, Timur Mehrvarz wrote:
>Hello Al.
>We will respond to all of your points. Let me start by responding to 
>Section 6 inline.
>>Section 6 Focus Handling
>>* Keyboard support is very important for accessibility
>>* Need to make sure there is keyboard support for ARIA techniques 
>>for interactive elements
>>* When authors set "focusable" to "skip" can the user interact with 
>>any of the skipped content, like with a pointing device?
>Content, referenced using the XHTML <object> element, is by default 
>focusable. This includes content that is non-interactive in itself, 
>such as, for example, static SVG images. The "skip" value is 
>supposed to allow authors to remove such elements from the default 
>focus traversal, in order to enhance usability. A pointing device 
>may provide access to any focusable element, including those removed 
>from the default focus traversal.
>>NOTE: If users can still interact with pointing devices or some 
>>other interface then the user must have the ability to override 
>>author setting to use the keyboard to navigate content.
>User agents may provide alternative focus modes, in order to allow a 
>user to access elements, which were marked with the "skip" value.
>>* Need concepts of "headers" or "sections" within compound 
>>documents with support for keyboard navigation
>I'm afraid, I do not understand this suggestion. Could you please elaborate?
>Thank you and best regards,

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