Re: You Got Your SVG in my Canvas! Mmm, Delicious! (was: hit testing and retained graphics)

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 9:59 PM, Doug Schepers <> wrote:
> I agree with others on this list that a retained-mode Canvas API is a bit of
> a contradiction, and that SVG is better suited (designed, in fact) for
> retained-mode graphics.

Note: I don't think "retained mode" and "canvas" are necessarily in
opposition.  I'm relatively opposed to grafting retained-mode
characteristics onto the 2d context as currently defined, because it's
really not meant for it.

> I agree with you and others that there should be a way for applications
> using Canvas to be made more accessible.
> I suggest that rather than adding more retained-mode shape features to the
> Canvas API or shadow tree, that we simply allow the SVG and Canvas to be
> used more seamlessly together.  The SVG WG has discussed this in the past,
> and I think most of them would be open to this idea.
> I wrote up some more detailed notes on my blog [1], and I'm interested in
> hearing feedback from you and others.
> [1]

While I like the general shape of several of your ideas, I must make
the same requests as I did of other people - we need to know precisely
what problems are to be solved before we can decide how to solve them.


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