Update on caret tracking

There's been some movement on the caret tracking proposal:

There still seems to be some confusion over the TextMetrics.baseline attribute,
which will apparently need to be "rectified by a future,
separately raised proposal that provides sufficient detail".

If there are any of you on the list that are up for reviewing the prior
proposal, and providing feedback, I'd appreciate it. I posted clarification
of the section on the bug report.

metrics . baseline
"Returns the vertical offset of the anchor point for the text that was passed to the measureText() method"

The term -anchor point- is defined in the preceding section on textBaseline keywords.
"The textBaseline attribute's allowed keywords correspond to alignment points in the font...
Let the anchor point be a point on the inline box, determined by the textAlign and textBaseline values"

Here's the link to the working group decision on caret tracking, including TextMetrics:

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Working Group Decision:

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