Next Cambridge Semantic Web meeting: Tues, Sept. 8 @ 6pm

Hi everyone,

This is your first reminder that our next Semantic Web meeting will be 
at the Stata Center at MIT one week from tomorrow. That's Tuesday the 
8th at 6pm.

We've got 2 speakers lined up and a 3rd talk if time permits:

1) David Eddy will speak about a brief history of metadata repositories, 
discussing whether or not and how the Semantic Web addresses some of the 
historic challenges these repositories face.

2) Oshani Seneviratne will present work on Policy Aware Content Reuse, 
discussing how software can help users re-use Web-based content without 
violating copyrights and licensing terms.

3) Time permitting, I'll be giving a short overview of the work 
currently underway in the SPARQL Working Group. I'll summarize the new 
features that you can expect to see emerge in SPARQL and discuss how 
they might be used and where some of the open questions still are.

Please RSVP at .

hope to see you there next Tuesday,

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