Semantic Web Gathering

Don't forget to attend Tuesday's Semantic Web Gathering [1], which is being
held from 6-8pm in the Stata Center, at 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA [2]
in the Star conference room on the fourth floor of the Dreyfoos tower, room
D462. The event will then move to the R&D Pub.

We have a full agenda tomorrow, with the following 5 talks:

 * Winners of the Semantic Web Challenge - Jim Hendler
 * Web Science: a Semantic Web Perspective - Nigel Shadbolt
 * Semantic Architecture for Biologics Research at Merck - Eric Neumann
 * Semantic Web Solutions at Lilly - Susie Stephens
 * Introduction to W3C's Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences
Interest Group - Eric Prud'hommeaux

Please add your name to the registration list on the Wiki [2] if you'd like
to attend.

Please send any questions or suggestions to




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