Cambridge Semantic Web meeting tomorrow - final agenda

Hi everyone,

We've got a terrific line-up of three presentations for our meeting
tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 6pm at MIT. If you haven't already, please
add yourself to the wiki if you are coming tomorrow:

The agenda is:

     * Neil Sarkar, Marine Biological Laboratory, Harnessing the
Semantic Web for Managing Biodiversity Data

This presentation will provide an overview of biodiversity data, the
challenges that they pose, and how we are working towards the
development of a semantic framework for their management. There will be
some cursory discussion of thoughts for leveraging biodiversity
knowledge within the context of both conservation and biomedical scenarios.

     * Arnon Rosenthal, MITRE, Contrasting typical SW and DB approaches
to semantic integration

     * David Booth, HP, RDF as the Lingua Franca for Information
Exchange: A small proof-of-concept in IT management

This talk summarizes four reasons why, and four mechanisms how, RDF will
become the lingua franca for information exchange -- even when the data
doesn't *look* like RDF -- and demonstrates a small proof-of-concept in
IT management.  This is a highly abbreviated version of a presentation
from this month's Semantic Technology Conference:

See everyone tomorrow,

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