Fwd: In-person TPAC 2020 replaced by a virtual meeting

Hi All,

Below is an email from the W3C cancelling the in-person TPAC this year. I
will, over the next few weeks as I hear how other groups are intending to
handle this, send out a few different plans how we can continue to have a
TPAC of sorts for this working group.


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From: Alexandra Lacourba <alex@w3.org>
Date: Thu, May 14, 2020 at 6:38 PM
Subject: In-person TPAC 2020 replaced by a virtual meeting
To: W3C Members <w3c-ac-forum@w3.org>, ab@w3.org <ab@w3.org>, <chairs@w3.org>,
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Dear Advisory Committee Representatives, Group Chairs,
Advisory Board and TAG Members,

We would like to announce to you that W3C decided to cancel our in-person
TPAC 2020 in Vancouver from 26 to 30 October.

This decision has been taken after some dialog and input from the community,
including some of what we are seeing in the Chair survey [1] and
discussions at the AB.
Given the multiple travel restrictions for several companies, the
uncertainty of the worldwide situation (borders, quarantines...) and the
social distancing challenges, we have come to the conclusion that we
will not be able to hold a physical TPAC meeting this year that will
meet our and our attendees requirements and expectations.

It will be replaced by a virtual meeting. We are currently working on
its format in order to create a valuable and enriching event for all our

Further details will be sent to you in the coming weeks.

We remind you that the WBS for Chairs is still open until 24

We invite all Working Group chairs to answer all the questions if you
have not done so. This will be of great help in the organization of the
virtual event.

We have also started to explore plans for 2021. For 2022 we plan to be
in Vancouver on 12-16 September - both because we believe it will be a
very nice venue and
because it allows us to avoid cancellation fees for 2020.

For Jeff Jaffe, CEO
Alexandra Lacourba, W3C Global Events coordinator

[1] https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/34786/ChairsTPAC2020/?login

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