Minutes from TPAC 2017 (was: Re: Agenda for TPAC)

Hello everyone,

Thanks for a good meeting at TPAC in Burlingame three weeks ago.
For archival reasons I’m sending out links to the unedited meeting

  Thursday: https://www.w3.org/2017/11/09-webdriver-minutes.html
  Friday: https://www.w3.org/2017/11/10-webdriver-minutes.html

Here follows an overview of action items from the meetings:

  ACTION: Adjust wording of user prompt handler to match behaviour
  of geckodriver so we can move to rec.

  ACTION: ato fix the urls for the spec

  ACTION: clmartin submit a pr for this

  ACTION: clmartin to draft PR on New Window command

  ACTION: clmartin to Write issue/PR about deleting history &c.

  ACTION: jimevans to adjust IEDriver to match geckodriver’s

  ACTION: MikeSmith to follow up on renewing the charter

  ACTION: plh to check with legal if we can move to PR.

  ACTION: simonstewart to clean up documentation on how to hook
  into the spec.

  ACTION: simonstewart to write proposal for Element Send Keys to
  take new "file" field.

  ACTION: On ↑ file an issue to provide a webdriver endpoint

  ACTION: simonstewart to add GET /session endpoint

  ACTION: simonstewart to spec this out, requiring user/pass for
  basic and digest auth, and leaving open questions of how to provide
  other fields for more complex auth

  ACTION: Start a discussion based on brrian’s proposal for that

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