question about "Click Element"

Hi everyone,

Reading through the steps for the Click Element command, I came across the following line under step 7’s “Otherwise” condition:

> Let click point be the element’s in-view center point.

However I don’t see the variable “click point” used anywhere subsequently in the steps, even though it seems relevant. Instead we’re constructing a “pointer move action” parametrized by the element’s id, with x and y values set to 0. I haven’t fully grokked the Touch Action section yet so I’m assuming that’s nominal. What seems odd is that “click point” would be defined if it is not used anywhere. I would have expected either that “click point” was used as part of the “pointer move action”, or that specifying the element id and origin: element for the “pointer move action” would be sufficient, and “click point” is superfluous.

Maybe it’s vestigial? Anyway thought I’d bring it up to get clarification.


Received on Wednesday, 11 October 2017 22:40:50 UTC