Re: Choosing a CR end date

Hi everyone,

Following up on the public list after several private discussions. I'm
still waiting for suggestions for a proposed end date from (in alphabetical
order) Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and (technically) the Selenium

I'm going to suggest September 30th, 2017. That hopefully gives us enough
time to get the test suite into shape. Does anyone want to suggest an
alternative date?


On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 10:45 AM, Simon Stewart <>

> Hi everyone,
> There are a couple of fixes that need to go in (around broken links), but
> we're now ready to move to CR. According to Mike[tm] Smith, the most
> significant thing we need to do right now is to choose a CR end date.
> So, what date do we pick? The 31st March feels a little close given that
> the only spec-compliant end-node I'm aware of is geckodriver (and that's
> still has the new session stuff and the pointer actions to land) Would
> someone from MS, Google, and/or Apple be able to offer some input on a
> realistic date we should be targeting?
> Many thanks,
> Simon

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