Re: Tests for `Get Element Text`

Simon Stewart <> writes:

> Since the definition of "Get Element Text" is basically "run the same
> JS that selenium webdriver does", is it safe to assume we can take
> the existing tests for this area from Selenium and simply port them
> to the web-platform-tests? Or is there some subtlety I'm not aware
> of.

I think this makes sense, but we should ensure duplicates are
eliminated and each tests’ dependencies are limited so that they are
more self-contained than they already are.

So I think ‘porting the tests’ over from Selenium to WPT is more
accurate than it being a simple act of just ‘copy them in’.

Speaking as someone who has previously written another Selenium driver
implementation in large based on the Selenium tests, I’d subjectively
say that the functional Java test suite probably has the highest
coverage for element text.

There are also a number of unittests for the Selenium atom that makes
out the guts of the element text JS blob.  Is there complete overlap
between these and the functional tests, or do some of the unittest also
need to be ported?

Received on Tuesday, 24 January 2017 20:25:45 UTC