Re: Testing WebDriver in Web Platform Tests

Hi Mike,

My immediate thought is that we want to avoid a few things:

   1. code duplication - particularly for more complex parameters, such as
   those described in the Actions section of the spec
   2. injecting errors - how easy will it be to test error conditions by
   sending malformed requests?

It's hard to say more without seeing code, so I'm looking forward to seeing
your examples :). I'd suggest having at least two cases, one with a simple
test case (e.g. navigating to a URL) and another with a complex request
object (e.g. set up an action chain and execute it).


On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 10:24 AM Mike Pennisi <> wrote:

Hello all,

I'm interested in helping out with improving coverage for the WebDriver
spec in
the Web Platform Tests project (I'm the contractor that David referred
to in a
recent posting [1]). I know that we have a fair number of old tests based on
the JSON Wire Protocol that are currently disabled. I'd like to re-use
work where possible, but I'm also interested in designing a strategy
that will
encourage test readability and clarity in spec coverage. So before
writing too
many tests, I was hoping to get input from folks here.

Specifically: would anyone object to my not using the "wdclient" library
We definitely need to take steps to lessen duplication, but I'd much
prefer to
use traditional unit testing patterns for this--"setup/teardown" routines,
helper functions, or even pytest's "fixture" feature. This will make the
simpler and more direct, and that promotes readability (which is good for
"drive-by" contributors), traceability (which is good for implementers
wondering why a test fails), and specification parity (which is good for
suite maintainers trying to re-assess coverage of a given section of the
I think we need to prioritize these qualities over the developer ergonomics
provided by a binding library.

I'm currently working on a few examples to demonstrate what tests written
without a framework could look like; I'll share them here when I have a few
workable examples. In the mean time, does anyone here have any thoughts
my reasoning in general?



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