Re: 3 interesting bugs

Olá Brian,

Your email had many useful comments.

Brian Burg <> writes:

> > On Sep 27, 2016, at 6:11 AM, Andreas Tolfsen <>
> > wrote:
> >
> > The brief summary is that sending keys to <input type=file> should
> > trigger implementation-specific steps to ensure the first element of
> > the `files` property is replaced with a new File object.  If sending
> > keys to <input type=file multiple>, another File object should be
> > appended to the `files` property.
> Currently, safaridriver has no support for <input type=file>. I
> looked into how we might do it, and am worried about it being a
> vector for session hijacking or exfiltration of user data stored at
> well-known filesystem locations. Have any other implementors added
> restrictions to mitigate this? One thing I was thinking about is, at
> session creation time, having a capability key to set the root
> directory from which files can be uploaded.

That’s an interesting idea.  It’s certainly possible to impose such a
whitelist restriction in the remote end.  It’s also not too different
from the idea we rejected at the F2F with regards to a wildcard
whitelist of SSL cert ignore domains.

The question is if we expect our users to understand the subtleties of
such a restriction, and whether we think it is a strong security risk
considering the attacker already has access to the WebDriver session?

Certainly it is true that file uploads punch a whole in the sandboxing
that is given by the web platform.

> File opening would of course be subject to any OS-level file modes or
> ACLs.

Yes, let’s be clear that it depends on the file system rights on the
operating system.  However, I don’t think the average user will know
the technicalities of the filesystem.

Also it only provides protection on typical Unix filesystems.

> I also really dislike shoehorning this into sendKeys for obvious
> reasons, but I think that ship has sailed for v1.

I don’t think anyone is a fan of this, but the appending shoehorning is
surprisingly effective.  The idea is that one should be able to call
Element Clear to reset the `files` array.

> >> Bud #2:
> >>
> >> This covers an issue I brought up at the July F2F around the
> >> various oddball inputs. We have issues "sending keys" to these as
> >> they are somewhat special, so thoughts on this would be
> >> interesting. I'm guessing value should just be set and any
> >> relevant events fired but wanted to know thoughts.
> > 
> > We covered this at our F2F in Boston.  Instead of sending key
> > strokes as we do for <input type=text> and <textarea>, we will
> > treat all HTML
> > (5) input elements such as <input type=color> et al. by setting
> > their `value` attributes directly to the supplied string.
> > 
> > This means sending "#FFB6C1" to <input type=color> will cause its
> > internal colour state to change to pink.  Or to put it more simply,
> > we delegate to what the HTML spec tells the browser to do when
> > setting the property.
> > 
> > Again, this is also uncovered in the current specification draft.
> > As above I will fix that this week.
> This seems like a reasonable way to change the values. It's unclear
> what would happen if the automation command were to click on, say, a
> color picker widget. Should it just be suppressed from presenting,
> since it might be an OS-level dialog?

This is a good question.  I suspect this will currently cause the
browser to go into an unrecoverable state, much like what Clay
described initially.

I’m not sure we can disallow actions API clicking as we don’t know what
it will hit?  Currently this is completely undefined by the spec.

> safaridriver keeps track of the "WebDriver" focused browsing context
> separately from the UI state. However, it does cause Safari to take
> focus when simulating user inputs. This is a restriction of the
> windowing system and the fact that safaridriver sends simulated
> OS-level events to the browser application, which do nothing if the
> correct application window isn't focused. This focusing is done
> automatically so users don't need to worry about it.

This sounds fine to me.

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