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[Bug 29543] New: No Method For Handling an HTTP 401 Response Indicated (Saturday, 26 March)

[Bug 29538] New: Adding common browsing errors (Monday, 21 March)

[Bug 29535] New: [Typo] extra "the" in paragraph (Tuesday, 15 March)

[Bug 29530] New: Proposal for Get Element Text (Monday, 14 March)

WebDriver and permission door hangers Mathieu Hofman (Friday, 11 March)

[Bug 29524] New: Processing capabilities algorithm sort of half-defines the behaviour of intermediary nodes (Wednesday, 9 March)

[Bug 29523] New: Getting capabilities property is underdefined (Wednesday, 9 March)

[Bug 29520] New: The 'Get' command is really confusingly named (Tuesday, 8 March)

[Bug 29503] New: Element Click should specify how to handle multi selects (Wednesday, 24 February)

[Bug 29500] New: "calculate the absolute position" uses offset* for non-html Elements (Monday, 22 February)

[Bug 20860] WebDriver Level 1 (Saturday, 20 February)

[Bug 29490] New: What error code should be returned on an attempt to execute an operation in a deleted session? (Saturday, 20 February)

[Bug 10694] Specify window.console (Friday, 12 February)

WebDriver spec - Where we are and were we are going David Burns (Tuesday, 2 February)

[Bug 29394] New: Specify (or at least recommend) options for scrollIntoView call (Tuesday, 26 January)

[Bug 29390] New: element.getAttribute("style") is a special case (Monday, 25 January)

Gecko intent to ship elementsFromPoint Andreas Tolfsen (Friday, 15 January)

Deadline Extension: WWW 2016 Developers Day CFP Oshani Seneviratne (Tuesday, 12 January)

[Bug 20860] WebDriver Level 1 (Monday, 11 January)

[Bug 29072] URL Consistency (section 3.6): Execute async script URL has underscore (Monday, 11 January)

[Bug 20860] WebDriver Level 1 (Monday, 11 January)

[Bug 29204] Not sure what it means to emulate the sendKeys natively (Monday, 11 January)

[Bug 29363] New: Add Page Source end point to WebDriver (Friday, 8 January)

[Bug 20860] WebDriver Level 1 (Monday, 4 January)

[Bug 29324] Return set size from set window size. (Monday, 4 January)

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