Re: Automating W3C Test Execution with WebDriver for Pointer Events

On 18/06/15 11:48, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> On 6/17/15 7:51 PM, David Burns wrote:
>> When the low level actions was written when Chrome had said that they
>> were not going to Pointer Events so they are in need of rewrite. It
>> also needs a rewrite for other reasons so let me know what changes you
>> would like to have and I will try to accomodate them. I will be
>> tackling this soon.
> Thanks David!
> If someone has input, do you prefer a Bugzilla bug [B], a GG Issue [GH],
> e-mail to [p-b-t-t], reply to this thread, and/or something else? And if
> there is a deadline, please let us know.

I think bugzilla is the best place for "this is a bug in the spec" type 
feedback. For things that are more like topics of discussion I suggest 
using the list directly. So far GH issues are not really being used.

The group is chartered until the end of the year so if you think about 
deadlines in Process terms, it rather behooves us to have something that 
looks like it might get published by then. If you want to think about it 
in more practical terms, there are people implementing right now, so the 
sooner the better.

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