Re: confusion regarding Fullscreen and Maximize

> On 2 Jun 2015, at 16:10, John Jansen <> wrote:
>> Fullscreen is not the same as maximised as some browsers ask permission when moving into fullscreen mode. We would need to be able to allow people to go fullscreen and not be 
>> blocked by the doorhanger. On some browsers (maybe just Firefox) there is a property that you can read to see if the UA is in fullscreen mode.
>> As for maximised I can see doing this all within resize. If a user wants to go to maximised they would need to do something like  in driver.maximise_window()
>> ```
>> def maximise_window(self):
>>       render_surface_dimensions = driver.execute_script("return {height: window.screen.availHeight, width: window.screen.availWidth}")
>>      driver.set_window_size(render_surface_dimensions[height], render_surface_dimensions[width])
>> ```
>> Instead of calling `driver.maximize_window()` and letting that send it over the wire. I don't mind either way really.
> Thanks for explaining. I just misunderstood the difference in the spec. Now it makes sense. I think we should leave the spec with a Maximize function because it does make it easier for automation and everyone would expect it to exist.

It is something that can be completely replaced on the local end side though.  On Mac there’s no longer a differentiating action between “resizing the window to its maximum boundaries” and “maximise the window” as of OS X 10.10.

I’m quite sure there’s still a distinction between a window that takes up most of the screen’s real estate and a maximised window on Windows and certain Linux WMs, but I’m not sure this is an area we want to get in to.  For all practical purposes of the user agent, there’s no difference in this case.

(There is a difference between maximum size achievable and full screen, which David explained eloquently.)

> I think if "Fullscreen" gets fully described in the spec, it will make a lot more sense why they are different. I didn't realize you were really describing "F11". :-)

What specifically is missing from its definition?

It is like you say a description of what happens when you press F11 in most user agents, but I would be careful about defining UA specific behaviour here.  As David mentions, the reason this is in specification is because Firefox (and possibly other) UAs have security measures in place to prevent fullscreen to spoof a user’s screen.

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