Re: confusion regarding Fullscreen and Maximize


Fullscreen is not the same as maximised as some browsers ask permission
when moving into fullscreen mode. We would need to be able to allow people
to go fullscreen and not be blocked by the doorhanger. On some browsers
(maybe just Firefox) there is a property that you can read to see if the UA
is in fullscreen mode.

As for maximised I can see doing this all within resize. If a user wants to
go to maximised they would need to do something like  in

def maximise_window(self):
     render_surface_dimensions = driver.execute_script("return {height:
window.screen.availHeight, width: window.screen.availWidth}")

Instead of calling `driver.maximize_window()` and letting that send it over
the wire. I don't mind either way really.


On 1 June 2015 at 22:03, John Jansen <> wrote:

> Good afternoon everyone,
> I was reading through section 9 [1] and I don't quite understand why
> Fullscreen and Maximize are both being spec'd. I do see that Maximize is
> supposed to simply make the browser as big as the available size without
> going fullscreen, and that fullscreen does the same thing but may hide
> toolbars. However, it's not clear to me what the use case is for having an
> API to go to the "Maximum" if you are not going to go "full screen". If you
> do need that functionality, why not just use "resize"?
> -John
> [1]

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