Re: Have you seen the WebDriver specification lately?

On 26/05/15 15:02, David Burns wrote:
> Hi All,
> Andreas, James and I have been working through the specification a lot
> over the last while! We have made some rather drastic changes to the
> specification and we will be carrying on down this track.
> It would be great if you all could start reading the current spec and
> raising bugs if you disagree with certain changes.
> If you have forgotten where the spec is it can be found at ->

More specifically, the bits in Chapters 2-4 has been mostly rewritten, 
as well as (roughly) the parts of the following chapters that have a 
linked command in the table at [1].

At this point, the focus has mainly been on getting the normative text 
right, so there is are a lot of places where the introductory text is 
either threadbare or missing entirely.


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