Controlling the browser environment/settings

For testing certain kinds of things it is very useful to be able to put 
the browser into unusual modes which cannot be activated via normal web 
apis. The particular example that I have in mind is offline mode; being 
able to simulate the browser disconnecting and reconnecting to the 
network is very useful for testing technologies such as AppCache / 
Service Worker and web applications using these features to provide 
offline support.

Since this is something that can't be provided as a DOM API (except in 
some hypothetical debug mode) and that is very useful both for testing 
browsers and for testing web applications, it seems like WebDriver would 
be the natural home for such a feature. Is it already supported in some 
way that I missed? If not is it something that could be added?

Received on Thursday, 27 March 2014 12:25:12 UTC