How can Jon Doe Review his Behaviour?

//I understand that " some of the largest browser vendors have taken (or 
are taking) steps to make Selenium a native part of their browser."

I raised this HTML5 enhancement request: 
New element: pseudo-cursor
"In many situations, it is helpful to be able to review behaviour,
ie screencast, or game-replay for instance.... hosts an example demonstrating an 
eye-tracking test.
The editor has referred me to your good selves,
and I now need advice on whether webdriver is an appropriate solution.

using webdriver:

Can I as an end-user not as a developer,
Play an HTML5 game, and review my progress, or
Watch a screencast, have a go and get comments on my skills?
if so where?

Is this a core part of what webdriver is intended to do?

Can an author create a webdriver using client-side html5 & javascript only?
again examples please

Is it the case that an ordinary person can visit a web site, see and 
understand webdriver in use?
if so where?

apologies for my poor understanding of your intentions

Jonathan Chetwynd
Eyetracking in HTML5

I have not as yet successfully attempted to use Web Driver,
though have struggled to read some of the spec, .

Received on Wednesday, 13 February 2013 13:25:08 UTC