Use of W3 Bugzilla on WebDriver Spec - Should we?


I have been wondering if we should start using the W3 Bugzilla to keep 
track of outstanding tasks. At the moment a lot of the todos for the 
spec are either written into the spec or on notes either Simon and I 
have or just in our heads.

I am proposing we setup a component for WebDriver so that we can keep 
track of outstanding issues with the spec. This would bring us in line 
with how a number of the other specs do things. It will also mean that 
if people are interested in what we are doing they can use bugzilla to 
subscribe to that component and any changes to those bugs.

We can also get bugs to send emails to the mailing list, like other 
specs do, when things change. This means that we are hopefully 
increasing the visibility of changes to all that might be concerned and 
if people have any concerns that we are just keeping things in our head 
we can hopefully alleviate them.



Received on Monday, 28 January 2013 12:24:33 UTC