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Tests needed to check conformance to the Guidelines for Web Content Transformation Proxies

From: Francois Daoust <fd@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 14:54:23 +0200
Message-ID: <4AA8F6FF.9010203@w3.org>
To: Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group WG <public-bpwg@w3.org>
Hi BPWG participants,

The Guidelines for Web Content Transformation Proxies document is 
expected to be re-published as a last call in a not so far away future. 
Since the group's charter ends at the end of the year, it seems a good 
idea to start thinking about the test suite that needs to be developed 
for the document to further progress along the recommendation track.

The test suite needs to be able to assert that a Transformation 
Deployment [1] conforms to the guidelines.

On top of agreeing on a common format and framework to run the tests, 
the basic problem with test suites is to collect the tests themselves. 
As a content transformation proxy vendor or more generally speaking as a 
company involved in mobile, you may have developed or you may be aware 
of existing tests that could be released to the group so that the work 
on this test suite does not start from scratch.

If you have tests and/or can contribute to the development of the test 
suite, now is the time!

[ As an example of what tests could look lie, c.f. the tests provided by 
  http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-bpwg/2009Jun/0125.html ]


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