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RE: ISSUE-296: "feature phone vs. smartphone, which handsets will make large web traffic ?" [All]

From: ȫ <hollobit@etri.re.kr>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 16:40:00 +0900
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Dear all, 


Id like to share my link collection(link of raw data) related on this issue. 



http://docs.google.com/View?id=dhpvgnmn_102gfx57tcx <http://docs.google.com/View?id=dhpvgnmn_102gfx57tcx>     


Which handsets will make large web traffic ? which handset will be major tool in near future ? 

Using Feature phone or smartphone ? 


I think it show important thing that we come to a fork in the road.


Currently, BPWGs approach is focused on general phone(include low level feature phone). 

If this approach is absolutely right, deployment of mobileOK should at least have showed  

remarkable result that growing of mobile web usage on market. But I think we didnt do that yet. 


I think general phone(include feature phone) cannot enlarge mobile web usage(or market) quickly. 

There are obvious limitations and restrictions (User Interface, UX, device limitation, browser performance, etc.) . 


In my collection of links, smartphone is important device for growing of mobile web. 

So I think we need to change the target device level(smartphone or feature phone) 

of mobile web standardization, and also we need to consider this issues in 

our next step of MWBP activity and WG's scope.

This is why I collect links and made this document. 


Best Regards, 


--- Jonathan Jeon 
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