Re: Tiny error in mobileOK scheme

In view of today's meeting being cancelled I've prepared a corrected
version of the mOK scheme doc at [1]. As it says in the status section:

"The only change since last publication in June 2009 is the correction
of the Media Type for POWDER in sections 2.2.2 and 2.2.3. A complete
list of earlier changes is available. The Working Group does not expect
further versions of this document."

OK, so things like the date and this/previous versions have been changed
too but you get the idea.

You'll see that I've cheekily dated it for a week today (4 August). This
is in anticipation of a favourable response to my suggestion that this
new version be published at that time.

OK with you, Jo? François? Everyone?



Phil Archer wrote:
> I would love to be able to blame other people for this: Dan because he's 
> on holiday and Jo for obvious reasons, but actually, the blame is 99% 
> mine. The most I can do is shift 1% onto Kai but well, that would be 
> unfair.
> What's up?
> The media type given for POWDER in the mobileOK scheme document is 
> incorrect. Where it says
> text/powder+xml, it should say: application/powder+xml
> This came about through copying and pasting from the POWDER Primer - 
> which also needs updating. Since both documents are Notes, not 
> Recommendations, this is a relatively painless process.
> For BPWG - I'd like to resolve to publish an update to mobileOK scheme 
> on tomorrow's call.
> I only noticed this when I complained to François and Dom that the 
> mobileOK checker was giving wrong information - and they swiftly, and 
> understandably, said it wasn't their fault. And it wasn't.
> Sorry.
> Phil.


Phil Archer
W3C Mobile Web Initiative

Received on Tuesday, 28 July 2009 10:49:59 UTC