Re: ACTION-994: Some evidence of CSS MQ in the wild

On Thu, 09 Jul 2009 15:37:45 +0100, Eduardo Casais <>  

>> We ran the Opera MAMA webcrawler and analysis tool and have a list of
>> 16,000 URLs that use them.
> Two questions come to my mind:
> 1) 16'000 URL out of how many? Proportions make the difference between
>    an emerging, still marginal practice and an established one.

I think 3 million, but will get the figures next week.

> 2) What is the target of these queries, and the techniques used? These
>    questions would require quite some work, of course, so I do not expect
>    them to be answered here. However, just taking the proportion of CSS
>    links with queries that include the string
>        "screen and (max-device-width: 480px)"
>    should suffice to reinforce or dispell my hunch that the main  
> utilization
>    of media queries at this point in time is to deliver customized style
>    sheets to iPhones.

I don't see how we can tell that a media query is designed to offer custom  
style sheets to iPhones rather than any other phone or mobile device. The  
fact that Opera and (recently) Firefox support them, but are not on the  
iPhone, means they are suitable for any phone.

(On a side-note, I  disagree that Best Practices must be derived from  
widely-used techniques. Otherwise we'd say "use tables for layout, font  
tags and make sure your code doesn't validate".)

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