RE: MWABP: general / Yahoo guidelines

> Ref multipart, didn't we just discuss that
> and decide that there isn't sufficient
> support?

Yes, a decision has already been taken on it.
Just interesting to note that this is indeed
considered a good practice whenever you can
apply it.

> I will check again now that our scope has
> become more focussed. For the most part,
> things in yahoo that have been omitted are
> either very device specific or more
> technical / low-level than feels
> appropriate for MWABP.

A few of the more general guidelines seem to 
include points that are mobile-orientated. As
far as the levels of detail are concerned, I
presume they must have been dealt with long

> (e.g. iPhone 25K limit, is iPhone specific
> not even webkit and was true for first
> release but it's not clear to me that it 
> still applies to the later releases) 

Whatever the situation, it is important to 
remember that
1) Size does matter; bulky resources often
have unexpected, detrimental consequences in
mobile -- whether it is caching in iPhone,
page size limits in other devices, or impacts
on protocol performance.
2) The relevance of the issue depends on the
proportion of early vs. late iPhone releases in the field, and whether the limit has
disappeared, or only changed upwards.



Received on Wednesday, 1 July 2009 13:54:52 UTC