Re: Completion of mobile accessibility document for review (paragraph on differences of approach)

Francois Daoust wrote:
> Shawn Henry wrote:
> [...]
>> SLH: I thought we wanted to show a difference from WCAG being strongly 
>> recommended for all sites and often required by law?
> I agree with the second part since there is indeed no requirements by 
> governments to comply with MWBP so far. That said, why would MWBP not be 
> strongly recommended for all sites?

I think that anyway this ("often required by law") is something that 
people probably already will know by the time they get to read this 
document. It's something to put in the Overview page [1] I think.

I think that this paragraph should address differences of approach only 
as it affects the purpose of this document. We shouldn't be trying to 
"sell" accessibility here.


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