ACTION-922 how the existing headings could be improved

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This is a proposal for ACTION-922. (ACTION-922 - Look at how the existing headings could be improved and to propose classification groupings that are orthogonal (don't talk about the same things) [on Jonathan Jeon - due 2009-04-01]. 

I have classified original sections and sorted into the five new sections.

  3.1 Access Control (6 statements)
  3.2 User Experience (11 statements)
  3.3 Performance (7 statements)
  3.4 Resource (10 statements) 
  3.5 Device Capability (5 statements) 

I think if there are any better section name, we could be change as following example. 

  3.1 Access Control & Security
  3.2 User Experience 
  3.3 Performance Improvement
  3.4 Conservative use of Resources
  3.5 Handling Device Capability Variation

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--- Jonathan Jeon 

Received on Tuesday, 7 April 2009 14:02:00 UTC