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[minutes] BPWG 2008-11-27

From: Francois Daoust <fd@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 17:26:21 +0100
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To: Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group WG <public-bpwg@w3.org>


The minutes of today's call are available at:

... and copied as text below.

- Adam sent a summary of the discussion on Mobile Web Application Best 
- We resolved during the call to decline the proposal to hold our next 
F2F in Seoul, due to travel issues and the unavailability of some 
specific people.


27 Nov 2008


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    See also: [3]IRC log

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           DKA, Adam, Bruce, Francois, yeliz, Kai_Dietrich, abel,
           miguel, nacho, manrique

           AlanC, rob, Bryan, SeanP, jo, dom




      * [4]Topics
          1. [5]Mobile Web Applications Best Practices
          2. [6]Seoul F2F Proposal and general F2F issues...
          3. [7]Content Transformation Guidelines
      * [8]Summary of Action Items

Mobile Web Applications Best Practices

    DKA: some discussion already on the mailing list, like ARIA
    ... We can talk about possible schedule for this doc

    <francois> [9]25th November draft of MWABP


    francois: Targeting another working draft would be ideal

    DKA: We need to figure out the high priority changes
    ... so that we can have a reasonable resolution for this

    Adam: That sounds good

    Adam: Starting from the begining
    ... 3.1.1 not happy with that
    ... Don't make the user type information more than once
    ... I would like to get feedback on that
    ... Don't store user information on the device, but store token

    <francois> [ ref. publication moratorium, deadline for the end of
    the year is 18 december for publication requests ]

    Adam: Next change is added something to the security, 2.2 and 2.1
    ... Quickly going over the changes
    ... 3.2 changed based on the F2F decision, JSON...
    ... There are two new ones there and it would be good to make sure
    that the group is happy
    ... Extra recommendations in 3.4
    ... so would be good to check those
    ... ...Shortened to user experience
    ... 3.6, long conversation with Jeff, more discussion would be good
    ... Changes in lots of places

    DKA: Have a question on "3.4.8 Sprite static images into a Single
    Resource" for memory constraint environment, are you giving up
    something in terms of image resolution

    Adam: That's a valid issue
    ... I added this from Yahoo recommendation and Google as well
    ... It's really valuable, what counts as the higher-end device, not
    sure about the limits of lower-end device

    <Zakim> DKA, you wanted to wonder if the JSON items are
    mobile-specific enough...

    Adam: Not sure if it will next year..
    ... We discussed at F2F, JSON is a good idea, but agree is a strong

    <DKA> DKA: Wondering about 3.4.16 - recommending against use of XML
    for datafeeds.

    Adam: may we want to rephrase
    ... Trying to make it clearer, rather than you can do this or can do
    ... I would rather be precise

    <DKA> Jo did you have a comment you wanted to put into IRC?

    Bruce: it's better to tell the truth rather to then to tell
    something unambiguously

    DKA: Come back to JSON
    ... are they mobile specific ones?
    ... if they can be justified then we can keep them
    ... if we accept JSON then we should say that
    ... we can define in Web protocols section of the document..
    ... I also have some wording and editorial comments (to be in more
    readable form) like how to do 3.2.2
    ... might be good to include an example
    ... may be some references, etc.
    ... If there is a JSON doc, then refer to that

    Bruce: Write a comment about ARIA
    ... to the mailing list

    DKA: This document tells what developers should do with the current

    Bruce: my suggestion is not implemented, but I thought it would be
    ... I agree that it's not a best practice

    DKA: is there something from ARIA that we can suggest?

    Bruce: You could use the built in landmark role, secondary nav or
    search box
    ... again they are nice ideas and not have been implemented, not in
    good shape for BP

    Francois: I don't have many more comments
    ... I agree with your editorial comments
    ... Currently we have "what it means" and "how to doi it", may be we
    should have something that says "when we should do it", more context
    would be good

    DKa: example?
    ... 3.1.1 What kind of menus are available?
    ... Make that decision on the server side, what information is
    required to make that decision?
    ... Here is the information you need to make the decision
    ... very least we should say "if you don't have enough information
    then use..."

    Adam: Not sure about this BP
    ... How much detail to provide?

    DKA: shouldn't shy away from telling the obvious

    Francois: Example for my previous comment is 3.1...., it feels like
    that you can do it anytime, but that's not the case.
    ... in the right direction...But more details here and there would
    be good

    DKA: Many of best practices in this document requires specific
    information about the device
    ... different techniques,...
    ... can be used to obtain device information....It would be good to
    add a parag.

    Francois: 3.6.1 already talks about that
    ... It might be good to change the ordering
    ... content adaptation is needed, the old Web cannot be used in
    mobile Web
    ... It doesn't go against any principle

    Adam: It's true that adaptation is important, but is it getting less
    ... I agree that 3.6.1 has problems and we need to look at again

    DKA: would be good to seek feedback about that and see what people
    think is the good practice

    Francois: I agree, it doesn't make sense as a BP

    Adam: 3.6.2 would makes sense in ...
    ... in another section 1.4

    DKA: get community feedback on that

    Adam: I have more open-questions
    ... I will write an email to summarise the list of changes that I
    need to make

    <francois> [ ref. publication moratorium, deadline for the end of
    the year is 18 december for publication requests ]

    Francois: We have three weeks

    DKA: Need to have a resolution on the 11th of Dec

    Francois: I will send my editorial comments
    ... a few typos

Seoul F2F Proposal and general F2F issues...

    Francois: W3C team is limited in the number of travels

    <DKA> PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Unfortunately, due to travel issues and
    the unavailability of some specific people, we will respectfully
    decline the Korean W3C Office's invitation for our next face to face
    at this time.

    <francois> +1

    <DKA> +1

    <nacho> +0

    RESOLUTION: Unfortunately, due to travel issues and the
    unavailability of some specific people, we will respectfully decline
    the Korean W3C Office's invitation for our next face to face at this

    <cgi-irc> +1

    <DKA> For the record - I still hope we can do a Korean f2f later in

    DKA: Having a meeting in Korea would be good but unfortunately it is

Content Transformation Guidelines

    Francois: Jo issues a new workind draft.
    ... We are reviewing it. Still a few discussions to hold, I'm
    ... Not sure we can have another Last Call before the end of the

    DKA: It would be great if we could so that we may focus on the
    remaining work on Mobile Web Application Best Practices next year.
    Any schedule?

    Francois: I truly hope we can make it by the end of the year.
    Mid-January for another Last Call if not. We are likely to take a
    little break for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

    <nacho> bye

Summary of Action Items

    [End of minutes]

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