Mobile accessibility document, Version 24 June 2008

Dear participants of EOWG and MWBP WG,

You are cordially invited to review the latest version of this document 
[1] and the changelog [2]. Members of MWBP WG will (I hope) have the 
opportunity to comment on the document during this Thursday's call; EOWG 
members on Friday. We aim to publish a new Public working Draft next 
week based on feedback received.

Especially please consider the following:

* The audience section has been removed. Should this document have one? 
Should it be shorter than it was [3]? Or should it go altogether?

* The section that was called "The Problem of Overlapping Requirements" 
is now called "Managing Overlapping Requirements". It has been suggested 
that it be called "The Benefits of Overlapping Requirements".

* The section called "Priorities" now covers also WCAG 2.0 levels and 
has been renamed "Differences Between WCAG and MWBP". The title is 
rather wider in scope than the content, but perhaps the section should 
be expanded. Or should it be called something like "WCAG Levels and 

* The Overview page has been pruned and is much shorter and clearer now. 
There is a table to help readers choose which pages they need to read 
("How to Use This Document" section). Is it really clearer now?

* The both-together page [4] has been rewritten to suggest looking at 
WCAG 2.0 first and then the "from WCAG 2.0 to MWBP 1.0" document which 
makes it much simpler to write and have ready for publication, and 
hopefully not too difficult to understand.

Thanks to Yeliz who did a lot of the changes to this version.

best regards,



Alan Chuter

Received on Tuesday, 24 June 2008 14:24:50 UTC