Content Transformation Guidelines - preparation for the F2F

Hi all,

I updated the list of ISSUES that need to be addressed for the Content 
Transformation Guidelines document to (hopefully) smooth on the 
discussion next week:

13 issues to solve (sic!):
- ISSUE-187 Link/Rel to MOK versions of non-MOK resources
- ISSUE-222 TAG Finding on Alternative Representations
- ISSUE-223 Various Items to Consider for the CT Guidelines
- ISSUE-224 How should we make an assessment of the impact of the 
various possible guidelines on real web sites
- ISSUE-241 Tokenization of URIs
- ISSUE-242 User expression of persistent and session preferences
- ISSUE-243 Can OPTIONS be used to determine Server Transformation 
Preferences and presentation options (via POWDER?)
- ISSUE-255 Subdomain and Path as a heuristic in content transformation
- ISSUE-257 Clarification of section 4.1.2
- ISSUE-258 Requirements section: merging 3.1 and 3.2
- ISSUE-259 Should we switch the Content Transformation Guidelines to a 
normative document?
- ISSUE-260 Do the guidelines address Client/Proxy solutions?
- ISSUE-261 Scoping 200 responses that should be regarded as 406 responses

I linked the existing actions to the issue they depend on, appended a 
small summary of the discussion so far, and a possible outcome where 
that made sense.
I may have missed something. Feel free to raise any new issue you'd like 
to see addressed.

The base for the discussion is, of course, the latest version of the draft:


Received on Friday, 13 June 2008 10:17:40 UTC