RE: [agenda] Agenda for BPWG Call 2008-01-31

My regrets for the call tomorrow, a priority appointment conflicts.

No progress this week on BP2; I have been preparing for and chairing an
OMA F2F meeting. I have collected some input though and will put out a
new draft for next week. 

Best regards,
Bryan Sullivan

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Hi Folks, we have a packed agenda, so please make sure that you are
prepared for the call and that any substantive points are made on list
before it. Please make sure that if you are sending regrets you do so
_before_ the call.


Chair: Jo
Team Contact: Dom, Francois
Known Regrets: Phil


1. Administrativa

a. Good Standing Status (FD)
b. Seoul F2F Update (DKA)
See [1] and [2]
c. Zaragoza Update (Nacho)
d. Status on Public Home Page (FD)

2. mobileOK 

a. Update on Coordination - report from meeting with MCF (DKA) See [3]
and [4] b. Report on Object Tasting Experiment - thanks Dom! (Dom) See

3. Reports from Task Forces

a. CT (FD)
b. Checker (Sean)
	i. beta release imminent
c. mobileOK Pro (Phil/Kai)
	i.	Appointment of Leader
	ii.	Charter Status
	iii.	F2F and Pre-Meeting Status
See [6] [7] and [8]
4. Mobile / Accessibility (Alan)

Review of Alan's new draft with reference to the specific questions he
asks in his email [9]

5. BP 2 (Bryan)

a. cf Dan's note re the Center for the Handheld Web [10]

6. AOB


Date: 2008-01-31T1500Z

Phone: tel:+16177616200, tel:+33489063499 or tel:+441173706152
		Code 2794 ("BPWG") followed by #



[1] Seoul Program (Member Only)
[2] Seoul Visa Requirements (Member Only)

[3] Jo's note on Dan's ACTION-594 mobileOK Coordination (member-only)
[4] ACTION-594 (Member Only)

[5] Yet another of Dom's excellent checkers (this one on Objects)

[6] Kai's Proposed mobileOK Pro Task Force Charter (member-only)
[7] Responses on ACTION-612 (member only)
[8] Alan "Half-Empty" Methodology for MobileOK Pro

[9] Alan WAMO

[10] Dan's suggestion ref the Center for Handheld Web

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