Re: Cancellation (was Re: MobileOK Telecon, Thursday 24th Jan 13.00 GMT)

Thanks Dave - how about Tuesday? (Alan can do Tuesday but not Friday)

David Rooks wrote:
> 0930 friday works for me.
> On Jan 23, 2008 4:42 PM, Phil Archer <> wrote:
>> Sorry folks, this isn't going to work for tomorrow. Kai is almost
>> certainly not able to make it and Adam can't which leaves only me, Alan
>> and either Dom or François (I've not heard from Dave Rooks ?), thus
>> progress would be very limited. It was always a risk organising this
>> when Kai was offline...
>> Not to let the ball drop though, can we set an alternative time right
>> away? I believe everyone interested in mOK Pro is in Europe so we don't
>> need to be restricted to (European) afternoons, which is good because I
>> only have two gaps in my diary between now and the week of the face to
>> face:
>> Friday 25th morning (say 09.30 GMT, 10.30 CET)
>> Similar time, Tuesday 29th
>> Either way we'd have to be very nice to the folk in Boston who look
>> after the telecon calendar to get this scheduled

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